What to Consider When Starting a Call Center

With recent shifts in the insurance industry, call centers are becoming an effective way for agencies to stay profitable. Carriers are steadily paying agents less for selling their products, and agencies are seeing agent travel expenses become unrealistic to sustain. Call centers allow for agencies to reach more people on a daily basis from a centralized location, eliminating extraneous costs and growing the pool of potential sales.

Call centers open up opportunities to reach more leads rather than a single agent trying to make contact. If an agency is located in a state with stricter regulations, expanding across state lines drastically increases sale opportunities. Most call centers project 3-4 core product sales per day, per agent, with a cross sell percentage goal of 200-300 percent. Conversations may be much quicker, and agents have the ability to contact a larger pool of candidates. Overall, call centers can create a solid foundation for agencies in the changing insurance landscape over the next few years.

As an agency, what should you consider when starting a call center?