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Lead Scoring For Higher Conversion

Lead scoring is a method of assigning rank to your prospects using a point system to determine their individual value to a salesperson, and to better understand the leads position within the sales funnel. This allows for maximum sales efficiency by using work hours to focus on the leads that will convert, while also allowing […]

The Great Debate: Should I buy leads for my agency?

In today’s digital-driven world, purchasing leads online is something that every insurance business needs to take into consideration. While not all lead generation businesses provide the highest quality level of leads, it is becoming an integral part of the industry and must be considered when looking at building your inbound leads. There are a number […]

Understand Marketing ROI for Your Insurance Organization with a Robust Toolset

Marketing is a fundamental component of businesses of all types and sizes, as it is the messaging that introduces your brand to the world. One of the most fundamental factors of successful marketing comes in the form of ongoing analysis and understanding of your insurance organization’s marketing campaign performance. The ability to identify what is […]

Lead Distribution without the Sunk Cost

Lead generation and distribution is an essential component to an Agency’s success. Carriers, FMOs, and GAs are on a relentless pursuit for new leads and significant dollars are used to outbid the competition. Congratulations you have outbid the other guy! How are you going to effectively distribute these leads and manage the life of the […]