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Health & Life insurance leads easy

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Simplify the overwhelming with AgentCubed’s turn-key solution.

AgentCubed’s features are evolving to meet the changing needs of marketing and distribution organizations everywhere. Our state-of-the-art technology platform allows easy integrations into your existing infrastructure, providing a turn-key solution for organizations struggling with customer management, lead tracking, ROI calculation, cross-selling, compliance, finance reconciliation, and/or customer retention. AgentCubed artfully combines a powerful automated lead management and distribution engine, a robust CRM, and an Agency Management platform into a single, easily configured solution that provides complete line of sight to the entire sales life cycle from marketing to sale across all distribution channels.

  • Rich Application Program Interface (API) provides real-time updates to all marketing campaigns, including SEM, Direct Mail, inbound response and outbound call campaigns.
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructure with our simple turn-key solution.
  • Automated distribution and sales process significantly decreases average cost per sale by reducing overhead and boosting efficiency of your entire sales team.
  • Improve adherence to industry regulations and evolving regulations surrounding the ACA.
  • Optimize Health & Life sales efforts across all distribution channels, whether you have 5 or 15,000 agents.
  • Decrease average cost per acquisition through improved marketing oversight features, integrated reconciliation tools and increased sales conversion.

Lead Management & Distribution

  • Ensure highest converting leads route to top-performing agents while aged leads direct to your second tier sales force, improving total response time.
  • Use intelligent lead distribution to automate workflows for based on geography, agent licensing level, and even agent skill level.
  • Increase time efficiencies using SMS/text or email lead distribution to allow sales team to find the right agents at the right time.

CRM Software

  • Put customer relationships first – manage details of your agent’s interactions with AgentCubed’s robust CRM.
  • Remove the need for agents to toggle between screens and systems by integrating telephony, quoting and calendars, call scripting, document storage and access to key data in a single, easy to use screen.
  • Streamlined “light” version available for field agents not needing robust feature set of desktop version.

Agency Management

  • Eliminate case management using automated underwriting, book of business and commission files via integrations with select carriers.
  • Customize product configuration based on carrier, coverage type, plan, price and geographic ability.
  • Get real-time access to sales results after easily inputting and tracking products sold.

Multiple Product Offerings

  • Robust lead nurturing and disposition based rules engine that allows every user to maximize consumer value & provide the best solution for each individual customer’s needs.
  • Stay on top of new ACA plans & bring light to the need for multiple product solutions for a single purchaser.
  • Help customers minimize out-of-pocket costs while offering a new revenue stream for the carrier, agency and agent through offering of ancillary products.

Campaign Tracking

  • Stay on top of your acquisition costs with fully customizable, real-time dashboards to track and monitor KPI’s (key performance indicators).
  • Effectively manage and track all aspects of the sales process, utilizing executive dashboards, agent scoreboards, custom reports and live system monitoring.
  • Efficiently monitor marketing campaigns, agent productivity, generated premiums, policy counts, and carrier and product performance.
  • Build purchasing profiles for future marketing campaigns, staffing models, and agent training using invaluable post-campaign analytics.

Direct Mail

  • Enhance productivity by eliminating the need to track print separately from digital efforts using in-house or third party mail and print service providers.
  • Automate the capture of inbound calls and business reply card responses generated from traditional direct mail campaigns.