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Maximize profitability and efficiency in your organization with powerful automation.

icon-graph-greenThis is a game changer: integration with lead providers and custom workflows ensure leads are routed to the right agent, at the right time. Agents receive lead alerts via text, email or auto-appointment scheduling.

icon-gears-greenStop routing leads manually – use this time to monitor overall performance of agents, campaigns, and other custom dashboards to enable real-time decision making.

icon-users-greenKeep customers happy – ensure they’re always #1 by never missing a thing. Track all points of contact, auto-renewal dates and notifications, appointment alerts, and more.

Health & Life Features

  • Easily access real-time updates on all marketing campaigns
  • Decrease your cost per acquisition by reducing overhead and efficiency
  • Improve adherence to industry regulations with built-in compliance features



  • Improve retention rates by proactively managing policy expiration dates
  • Configure products by geographic availability & custom product pricing
  • Utilize automated underwriting features, book of business and commission files to virtually eliminate case management


  • Optimize sales efforts across all distribution channels with intelligent reporting and analytics
  • Easily integrate with existing systems and applications with access to carrier integration
  • Utilize one simple turnkey solution

How the Multi-Channel Distribution Process Works

1. Real-time lead integration

Seamlessly integrate purchased, inbound and organic leads. We have partnered with lead providers to help you bridge the gaps between finding, nurturing and converting leads.

2. Customized workflows

Create custom workflows to intelligently distribute leads directly to the agent, broker or call center using skills-based routing, state licensing, geographic location and more, getting leads to the right agents at the right time.

3. Automated lead alerts & appointment scheduling

Whether or not your organization utilizes a call center, our software can route leads to agents via call center or directly to the agent/broker. New or available leads can be broadcasted to agents via email, text messaging, or by auto-appointment scheduling.