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CRM Built for Insurance: How AgentCubed is Key to Your Success

CRM is critical to the success of your organization. Agencies can choose between an industry-specific solution, building a proprietary system, or using a well-known system like Salesforce. Since all of these options require time and resources, it’s vital to make your decision based on the return on investment the CRM solution will provide. AgentCubed offers […]

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Increase insurance sales

5 Ways to Increase Insurance Sales

As you research tactics to increase insurance sales, consider opportunities to improve your lead management. Are you capturing all information on a lead’s history? Are you nurturing that lead to keep communication lines open? How quickly are you following up with inbound leads? Since time and resources are limited, think about all the tasks you […]

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Digital trends in Medicare

Digital Trends in Medicare

As more Baby Boomers reach age 65, a generation of nearly 75 million people becomes eligible for Medicare enrollment. Marketing trends show a growing industry presence on digital platforms to target this tech-savvy age group. With rises in smartphone ownership and social media usage, Baby Boomers are pushing the Medicare industry to innovate and evolve around […]

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Insurance by Generation

The Health of Generations: Selling insurance across age groups

Studying generational differences helps inform marketing and messaging tactics across industries. In a closely regulated industry like healthcare, the market’s future is highly contingent on evolving legislation and political actions. While future changes to legislation are unknown, we can still analyze trends and distinctions of age groups to direct our marketing and sales efforts in […]

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Why you need a CRM built for insurance agencies

A top CRM solution might be packaged under a well-known brand name or boast high ratings, but an agnostic platform’s popularity might not be a predictor of success for your industry. Your agency needs a solution that was built with your business model and processes in mind. Here’s an infographic on why an insurance-specific solution […]

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