Case Study: VelaPoint

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VelaPoint is a national insurance brokerage, providing individuals across the country access to knowledgeable professionals dedicated to helping them find the best solutions available.





VelaPoint Insurance sought a single solution that would help optimize many areas of their business. Initially, VelaPoint was using the Goldmine CRM system. The issue they ran into is this CRM could not keep up with their growing needs in terms of policy management, lead distribution and workflow automation.

“We wanted better line of sight into our business; the ability to see what is going on day-to-day so that we could make better-informed decisions.” – Aaron Goddard, President of VelaPoint Insurance


VelaPoint needed a customized solution that was scalable and could meet the ever-changing needs of a growing business. They made the decision to go with a more agile solution that allowed them the freedom and flexibility not offered by other CRM providers. Working in tandem with AgentCubed, VelaPoint was able to find the solution that met their specific needs.


Depending on the time of year, VelaPoint has anywhere from 200 to 450 employees on the AgentCubed platform. Since making the switch to AgentCubed, VelaPoint has seen significant improvements in a number of key business areas:

  • Implementation and optimization of multi-channel lead distribution
  • Enhanced pre-qualification of leads and lead partners
  • Decreased overall cost-per-acquisition of new leads
  • Improved overall conversion rate

When asked if he would recommend AgentCubed, Goddard responded:

“Absolutely, AgentCubed gives us the opportunity to get a better handle on what is going on within our business and allow us to better manage all aspects of it. The real-time dashboards give us insight into the day-to-day aspects of our business we simply didn’t have before. The system does some incredible things and lets you manage your book of business. Remote-ability and disaster recovery are huge benefits, and they allow us to house everything in one place without the need to utilize multiple systems” – Aaron Goddard, President of VelaPoint Insurance