Case Study: HealthCompare

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HealthCompare is a general insurance agency operating in all 50 states and has been in business since 2009. They provide insurance for those on Medicare as well as the individual & family side and employ a number of different outlets to provide their customers with premier service, utilizing both field agents and call centers.


In the past, HealthCompare had implemented industry-agnostic software solutions to manage workflows and organize customer data and information. Because this mash-up of software platforms was not specific to the unique needs of the insurance industry, HealthCompare faced a number of issues with the cumbersome system, which in many ways hindered their employees’ productivity. Their agents had difficulty properly interfacing with the horizontal CRM (customer relationship management) software, which was decreasing productivity along with HealthCompare’s ability to maximize lead conversion.

Kyal Moody, Senior Vice President of HealthCompare states, “The bigger system was just too unwieldy for agents to handle. The amount of info it asked for was far too cumbersome, and it didn’t give us the precision we needed. We wanted to find a solution that our agents could be trained on quickly, and didn’t have too many bells and whistles we couldn’t fully utilize.”


HealthCompare needed a single solution that would allow for all areas of their business to be seamlessly handled, integrating lead management, agency management and a CRM all in one easy-to-use platform.

And because HealthCompare needed a multi-purpose solution that was specialized to the unique business needs of an insurance agency, the AgentCubed platform – built for the insurance vertical – was the perfect solution. HealthCompare was able to implement a customized solution that included the requisite insurance industry elements as well as the ability to customize workflows for their unique agency within the insurance industry.
“The ease of access to vital information from the dashboard is huge for us. We can immediately identify important information without the need to pull a report. We know what goes on in the company at all times. Before AgentCubed, we didn’t have a true line of sight into our day-to-day analytics. Additionally, we experienced a larger number of qualified leads, quicker conversions and an increased conversion rate after onboarding AgentCubed.” – Kyal Moody

When HealthCompare first came on board with AgentCubed, AgentCubed had not yet implemented an integration within the Medicare space. Since this time however, at the request of a number of agencies, AgentCubed has built this functionality into their platform.

AgentCubed is very willing to build upon their system to meet your specific needs. This is important from a solution standpoint, because most other CRMs will not go to this level of support. You benefit as a business from their expansions across all areas of the insurance industry.” – Kyal Moody


Since implementing the AgentCubed solution in 2011, HealthCompare has seen a substantial increase in productivity of their agents utilizing the platform. Additionally, HealthCompare has become a better consumer of information since the transition, and has been able to see an increased number of leads with a 30% higher total conversion rate, resulting in an overall lower cost-per-acquisition of new customers.

“As a lead comes into the call center, the lead is immediately available for a field agent to take action. Additionally, the system knows where the lead came from so the agent can reference it in their outreach and we can use the data for understanding marketing ROI by campaign. The lead’s information is automatically shared with the best agent available to manage the lead, which increases the likelihood of converting the lead to a sale. Once the agent begins working with the lead, lead nurturing features help them properly follow up and send the right set of materials at the right time. It takes a lot of the legwork out of the process, and ensures our agents can focus solely on their personal interaction with the lead. If the lead doesn’t want to complete the sale over the phone, a field agent can be dispatched through the system via SMS. The customer is always the top priority in the process.” – Kyal Moody

When asked if they would recommend the product, Kyal responded, “Absolutely! The #1 reason to make the change for insurance carriers or brokerages is that the solution was designed with one purpose – to sell insurance to individuals. Agencies don’t have to configure a 3rd party CRM to fit their business. The front-end work is already done and optimized for the insurance industry.”