Case Study: HPOne

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HPOne, founded in 2006, a national insurance agency that is a major carrier of Medicare Advantage, life and dental insurance. On top of insurance offerings, HPOne is also a lead generation company and are the largest generator of Medicare leads in the United States.


Prior to partnering with AgentCubed, HPOne was utilizing an internally built platform to manage customer data and leads. While this method worked in the short-term, HPOne was looking for a scalable solution that would grow with them as they expanded their national footprint.

“The biggest selling point was the lead distribution side of the equation. We needed to be able to direct leads to different agents and ensure that the best leads go to the best agents at the right time. Since partnering with AgentCubed, this has been one of the most beneficial changes.” – Tom Wicker, SVP Sales & Operations HealthPlanOne


HPOne needed to find a comprehensive solution that would allow them to scale the business and better manage their lead and customer data. To accomplish this, they teamed up with AgentCubed to implement a cloud-based platform that was intuitive for agents, highly effective at automated lead distribution and management and robust in business intelligence. 

“We were really trying to gain the ability to properly scale and we really like the hosted aspect that AgentCubed offers. Additionally, we wanted something that was geared specifically towards the insurance industry and had offerings that included lead distribution, tracking, call lists, etc. Nothing is left in the hands of the agent to decide. AgentCubed is a core piece of our business model and will be instrumental in our future growth” – Tom Wicker, SVP Sales & Operations HPOne


HPOne experienced significant growth opportunities in conjunction with their implementation of the AgentCubed platform. In the 5 years since implementation, HPOne has grown their use from 30-40 total agents utilizing the system to more than 500 agents on average across their organization, reaching nearly 800 during peak seasons. Additionally, they gained the ability to fully understand their business and setup the system to take a lot of risk out of the equation, helping to further increase efficiency, security and compliance.

“Lead distribution and the compliance aspects on outbound calls have had the largest impact to our business. At the end of the day, it’s about identifying what’s working and what isn’t. The analytics and reporting flexibility is really second to none.” – Tom Wicker, SVP Sales & Operations HPOne

When asked if he would recommend the product, Mr. Wicker responded, “Yes, absolutely. We work very closely with AgentCubed to build upon the platform and ensure that it continues to offer the best solution in the industry. We are very close with Jeff (Morgan) and his team at AgentCubed. They have been a great team to work with and the results and platform speak for themselves.” – Tom Wicker, SVP Sales & Operations HPOne