Strategies for Getting Telesales Right

TelesalesAs an agency, how well are you managing your CRM and lead nurture assets? Are you implementing marketing and sales strategies for maximum conversion? What are the pros and cons of buying versus building your telesales capabilities? How can partnering with a new model help revitalize your telesales experience and drive new business?

Telesales is an increasingly important component for sales growth, distribution diversification, and profitability. The following SlideShare discusses risks, costs, and other considerations associated with telesales strategies. This information will help you select the most viable telesales distribution channel for your business.

This presentation was given at the 9th National Medicare Supplement Insurance Industry Summit by the following subject matter experts:

  • John Sowell, Vice President of Medicare Strategic Distribution at Aetna, Inc.
  • Ali Hall, Vice President of Sales at AgentCubed
  • Christopher Mele, Contact Center Solutions Leader at Aon Hewitt Retiree Solutions
  • Ben Henderson, President at Clearlink